Membership Information

Since its establishment in 1903 (Meiji 36) by Mr. Shigenobu Okuma, Mr. Eiichi Shibusawa, and others, the Japan-India Association has consistently aimed at fostering goodwill between Japan and India for over a century. The Association has dedicated efforts to investigate conditions in India, as well as introduce Japanese culture and economic situations. In recent years, considering the growing interest in India among the business community, the Association also provides consultation for companies considering entering the Indian market.

For our members, we offer regular delivery of our newsletter "MJIA" publication of the web magazine "Contemporary India Forum" invitations and discounts for various cultural lectures, music and dance events related to India, networking events, lending of books related to Japan-India relations, and priority invitations to exchange programs with prominent figures from Japan and India. We will continue to work on fostering and enhancing the friendly and cordial relations between Japan and India, incorporating the opinions and requests of our members and related parties. Individuals and corporations interested in joining are encouraged to inquire with our Association. We also offer a "Student Membership" category and look forward to the active participation of young people.

Individual Membership Individual Membership: Annual fee 8,000 yen per share, Entrance fee 2,000 yen *
Student Membership: Annual fee 4,000 yen per share, Entrance fee 1,000 yen *
Corporate Membership Entrance Fee: 5,000 yen
Annual Fee (Special Corporate Member): 150,000 yen per share
Annual Fee (Regular Corporate Member): 100,000 yen per share
  1. For individual members joining from April to September (for a full year): General 8,000 yen + entrance fee, Student 4,000 yen + entrance fee.
    For those joining from October to March (for half a year): General 4,000 yen + entrance fee, Student 2,000 yen + entrance fee.